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Episode 18: Understanding Chronobiology to Improve Work Engagement and Productivity - Dr Kat

Episode Summary

Our bodies have natural rhythms within the 24 hour cycle that dictate how much sleep we need, when the best time might be for us to eat, and when we experience highest levels of alertness and times when we experience the lowest levels. Understanding chronobiology is therefore critical, if we are to make work, work for all employees, especially given that up to five generations are now working together, yet each working to very different rhythms. Dr Kat (Dr Katharina Lederle) joins Amrit Sandhar as his guest to provide insights into this interesting subject and provides tips of what we can do as employers and employees. to be at our best at work.

Episode Notes

Did you know that we all have a natural 24 hour rhythm that dictates when we should sleep, when we should eat and when we are at our most alert? This changes with age and therefore has natural implications to work, where we are fixed to rigid working times. 

This concept of chronobiology has brought many insights organisations can learn from to improve engagement and productivity at work and Dr Kat (Dr Katharina Lederle) joins us as a guest to help us understand the topic in greater detail.

Dr Kat, a sleep and body clock specialist, is passionate about helping people sleep well and thrive. She sees taking care of your sleep and circadian health as an act of self-care.

Dr Kat provides one-to-one sleep therapy to those experiencing insomnia and works with organisations helping them realise the goodness of sleep. She runs sleep hacks and educational talks and workshops. These use a variety of methods, to help workforce teams get to understand more about their own sleep behaviour and then design personal sleep plans that help them make behavioural changes and sleep well.

In her work she combines a deep understanding of the biology of sleep and the body clock (she holds a PhD in Human Circadian Physiology & Behaviour and a MSc in Biosciences), with her practical experience in managing fatigue and insomnia, and learnings from Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy.

Dr Kat has written a practical guide to getting good sleep called ‘Sleep Sense’ and has appeared in media coverage of sleep and circadian rhythms.